_ PC CDRW drive for burning Macintosh stuff

Hi. I'm using an iMac DV SE with a Windows 98 PC. I have an IDE CDRW on my PC. I also have a network that actually let my files been shared between the two computers.

But I have a question. Each time I want to burn some Mac files, I have to compressed it first with Stuffit. But if I have MacOpener on my PC, will I be able to burn Mac files just like that ?

Or if not, will I be able to burn Mac HFS stuff in a certain way ?

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Probably a question youll want to ask the PC folks.
I'm a little confused by the statement "just like that".  Just like what?  You should be able to burn any file that's readable.
You should be able to burn Mac files as they are, stuffed or not. Be sure to set your burner using the "ISO 9660" format so they can be read anywhere. Check the documentation of your burner or software.
You can use expander for windows from Aladdin to unstuff.
MacOpener is a file converter. You can burn those files that you have converted and saved to disk.
Essentially you can burn any file that's in your hard drive in either format.
What you're likely to see is the icons change when you insert the cd in either machine. Whichever system is reading the disk will rocognize its custom icons and show the others as genetic.
I'm also confused by "just like that". Hope this helps.
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I also have Macs and PCs at home. How are you transfering files across the platforms (PC/Mac)? I use MacLan.

Are the problems you're having due to the PC naming architecture? Specifically with punctuation and 8.3 naming? Thus, forcing you to compress the files prior to burning?
WeinAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the comments.

Yeah, that's what I have been doing lately. I stuff the files into SEA format and send to my PC with DAVE 2.5. At first, I tought that they will keep the icons and the creator code, but they don't seem to.

I have a question. I saw folders like this: resource.frk, and I think in them, the Mac system stores the Creator code and the icons. That what I have been thinking : If I copy the folder too, will the files keep their icons and at least, their creator code ?
Perhaps I wasn't clear on the previous post.
The answer is yes.
"What you're likely to see is the icons change when you insert the cd in either machine. Whichever system is reading the
                       disk will rocognize its custom icons and show the others as genetic."
So evev though you dont see them as mac files on the pc, they retain all their codes and vice versa.
Only the icons change from system to sytem
WeinAuthor Commented:
nice. but, for the long file namings... it'll change ?
Of course. You're dealing with a pc. Windows will give them whatever name it comes up within its dos LIMITA~1, but those LIMITATIONS disappear when you insert that cd in a mac.
That resource.frk is still there, but is invisible in a mac.
Much the same way that windows writes a desktop file to disks. Dont forget where windows came from!!
Without those neither system would know what's on the disk, and you would be prompted to reformat.
Neither system recognizes the others icons.
Make sure that you burn the CDs in the ISO 9660 format that's compatible to both systems.

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WeinAuthor Commented:
thanx, i've found out how to burn a "perfect" MAC files CD.

All I have to do is use Macintosh Toast. Within the application, I put everything I want to burn in the app. The, I choose "Create image".

I send this image to the PC's CDCreator, I use "Create CD from image". Then the CD will be created !!!

It works !

But i'll give the points to century because he let me know how the Mac filesystem works.
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