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IP Masq box and Napster

I have a IP Masq box running as a gateway in my house so that my roommates and I can all use our cable modem. THe problem is that several of my roommates use napster and its eating our bandwidth.

I was hoping someone out there might no of a way that I can limit (preferably by percentage of maximum available) the bandwidth available to their napster ports.

Note: due to my own lazyless I am still running kernal 2.0.36.
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For 2.0 series kernel there is no easy solution. For 2.2 series there might be a solution with the traffic shaper module. Though it can only reduce the outgoing traffic, it might be possible to use it to reduce the traffic. Or to use the QoS system in 2.2.

I myself would have needed the same kind of system some time ago, but I found none.
bishmaAuthor Commented:
I assume you're right on this one (I new 2.0.36 was pretty limiting on such things) but I'd like to leave it open a while and see If anyone else comes up with anything.
you could go with shaper but for $595 you can get the goods at:

ET/BWMGR - Bandwidth Manager

version 2 of squid proxy... compile with:
--enable-delay-pools    Enable delay pools to limit bandwith usage
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bishmaAuthor Commented:
not really what I was looking for for a simple linux gateway and a cable modem
Like feenix tells you, there is nothing that can be done with a 2.0.xx kernel. You should upgrade to 2.2.xx kernel and use ipchains with TOS (Type Of Service) it will place the napster packets in a "lower priority" queue and the speed of your connection won't be affected by napster's users.

(sorry for my bad english)

if you update your kernel, i can give you the exact command with ipchains to do that :

ipchains -I output 1 -p tcp -s 0/0 <napster_port> -t 0x01 0x08

Don't forget to add the TOS option when compiling your 2.2.xx kernel !

It is obvious that you don't have any control on incoming packets. To do that, it is not simple and you should use an RSVP protocol.

Hope it will help.
bishmaAuthor Commented:
Works for me. I'll be upgrading to 2.2.15 as soon as it is available (I've there ip masq can be unstable in some situations with 2.2.14). Thanks for the ipchains command, it'll keep me from having to look it up later.
if you want more details about TOS, you can take a look at :

in section 4.1 at sub-section "Manipulating the Type Of Service"

good luck and thanks for the points !


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