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I have an MFC based (gui) app, that creates anonymous pipes to a console app that it communicates with.  I have to be able to kill off the console app from the MFC app if the console app gets hung.  This works fine if I communicate directly with the console app, because I can call TerminateProcess() to kill it off if need be.  However, I need to implement support for a console app that has a pre-processing front-end app.  Basically, this pre-processing app parses through the work load, and determines the proper console app to start up to process the work load.  So I need to do this: use CreateProcess() to execute the pre-processing app (which is a console app as well), and that process in turn executes another process.  HOWEVER, if I kill off the pre-processing app, it leaves the workload-processing console app hanging around in the background.  Is there a way to kill off the pre-processing app along with any child processes?  The concept I'm talking about here is a process group.  I tried using CreateProcess() with the CREATE_NEW_PROCESS_GROUP flag, and then using GenerateConsoleCtrlEvent() to send a CTRL_BREAK event to the pre-processing app, but it doesn't work for me.  Any ideas?

-Matt Smith
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Isn't that basically the same as you asked in  ?
<<Only those processes in the group that share the same console as the calling process receive the signal. In other words, if a process in the group creates a new console, that process does not receive the signal, nor do its descendants>>

GUI has no console, so your console apps do not receive the signal.

Before creating console processes, you have to allocate console in the GUI app:



Sleep(100); // May be useful.


// Do not allocate the new console.

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matthewsmithAuthor Commented:

Yes, I did ask the same question before.  I'm not sure why it says 'accepted answer', because I don't remember accepting it, and it certainly didn't ever work for me.

To NickRepin:

I was thinking along those lines.  This sounds like a reasonable solution.  I'll try implementing it tomorrow morning and let you know.  Thanks!

-Matt Smith
I tested it before I posted the answer here.
matthewsmithAuthor Commented:
One other problem I'm having Nick: Everything works fine with the process group, but when I call AllocConsole(), it shows the console window.  Can I have it be hidden some how?  Thanks!

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