What are bin and cue files?

hi...i downloaded a game from the internet. it was compressed using WinRAR. I managed to uncompress it, but ended up creating two files...one with the extension "bin" and the other with the extension "cue". i was expecting to see a "setup.exe" file that would install this program on my pc, but now i don't know what to do with these two files. thank you for your help! marylyn27
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bin is a binary file cue I think is a music file ie. cuebase! (not sure).
have you got quick view installed if so right click on the files one by one and see if the read out gives any info.
if you don't have quick view, right click as above but choose open with when the associate menu appears make sure each time you untick the box lower left that associates the file then choose notepad or wordpad from the list of programe's on the left.
hope this helps!
I do not think that you uncompressed all the files properly.  Whenever you use in winrar take care not to decompress a single file, rather uncompressed the whole lot of files with extensions .rar .r01 and so on...
in one go.
generally the original files are spread across the compressed files (unlike the ZIP files which are independent of each other).
in winrar, choose "process all volumes" while uncompressing this time.
tell me if it works now.
marylyn27Author Commented:
I used WinRAR correctly...it uncompressed all the files (.rar, .r01, .r02) successfully...i simply don't know what to do with the output (2 files...one with a .bin extension and the other with a .cue extension). someone suggested that maybe these files were meant for the MAC OS and not Windows. Could that be it.?
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Yes.  .bin files are usually executables for MAC, some flavors of unix and possibly other OS's.
marylyn27Author Commented:
hmmm...i guess i'll simply have to accept the fact that the file i downloaded was meant for a MAC and not a PC. some utility was included with the download to convert from bin to iso (raw2iso.exe)...what would converting the file from bin to iso accomplish? god, i'm confused...thanks!
I am not familiar with iso files.  Sorry.  But I am CERTAIN that the files you downloaded are not for any version of MS Windows.  If it was described as a "Windows" program it might have been referring to XWindows in Unix.  Where did you download it from?  Perhaps there is a Win95 version there also?

The .bin and .cue files are used by a cdwriter to write a cd image.

The .bin file will be quite large and usually less than 650 megs in size.
Much less if the original CD had a small amount of data or compression was used.

Winrar was used to break this Image into small parts to allow easy d/load and better compression.

The .cue file will be text information that tells the cdwriter program what method to use when writing the CD.

This is exactly the same as an ISO file but certain CD image creators use the .bin extension.

The reason .iso or .bin is used is to allow a complete copy of the CD to include all data,music, bootup information and copy protection.
( i hope this game is a legal version for you to have)

The only way you will ever play this game is to obtain a cd writer and burn an image.

A possible alternative is to try and view the contents with a program called Winimage that can view the contents of .iso files but i am unsure if it will read the .bin extension.

Winimage is not very good at extraction.


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marylyn27Author Commented:
Thank you very much. Yes, you have the correct response, netmage. i know this because today someone offline explained things just as you did. I was greatly confused until now. I don't have a cdwriter, so i'm afraid i'll have to forego the process you described so well. Thank you to everyone who responded. Now I have another question...I'll go post it!  Best wishes :)) Marylyn
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