Paradox Vs Access


i need to write an application
what is the right choice Access or Paradox ?

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well there is no "right choice" it is what you know best probably.

there is no doubt more delphi support for paradox but alot of perple are now using access also.

It depends largely on what your application is designed to do. For large multi-terminal, multiuser client server applications,  you would want to use Paradox(or Oracle,FoxPro... just about ANYTHING but Access). In contrast, if you are developing a small single user type application, then Access makes sense. The reasons for this are varied, but primarily, Access stores it's tables in a single MDB file. This means that if you are querying acros several tables at a time, the cursor has to literally junmp all over the MDB file to etrieve the required dataset.And of course there is , as  Inthe mentioned, the fact Delphi lends itself very easily to Paradox where Access is  more work through ODBC drivers, etc. In short, it is a question not so much or "good" or "Bad", but rather "What makes sense for this project".

Good luck!!  
in fact, these stuffs are both desktop-level database system, so if you really want a client/server application, you should use mssql/oracle stuff instead.

As far as I see, if you use paradox, you should use bde, and if you use access, dao or ado should be used.

and, I think access is better than paradox for both single user and muilti-user enverioment.

Paradox is slower and unsafer.
Paradox is slower than access and foxpro, even slower than dbase.

and, when a power lose or other accident accor, the table should corrupt.

so I strongly recommanded you use Delphi 5's ADO components and Microsoft Access to make your program.

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hi chengjian

>Paradox is slower and unsafer.
>Paradox is slower than access and foxpro, even slower than dbase.

thats not true

>and, when a power lose or other accident accor, the table should corrupt.

that happens to all databasesystems, also to sql-serversystems

>I strongly recommanded you use Delphi 5's ADO components
> and Microsoft Access to make your program

this may your subjective choice

my subjective choice
-paradox is even better and faster than access
-paradox is on sql-side better than access, because standard sql is used (access -> jet sql -> proparitary)
-is there a crash, in paradox is one file corrupt -> access the whole mdb-file
-i use paradox in some applications since ~10 years without any problem in multiuser-enviroments with 10000s of records and more than 100 tables

therefore asi
decide on where the datas are also used, should you want to share the data with other m$-office-products then decide to access (thats the only argument for me to use access)

remark :
ado is trendy,
native is the best

Amen to everything meikl said. Access is notoriously sluggish and the idea that anyone in their right mind would even consider it for anything other than small applications is ludicrous. I'd be laughed out of my office if I were suggest that we migrate our database from SqlServer to Access. Access is "Database for Dummies". Not that it doesn't have its place (see my comments above), but to suggest that it is preferable to Oracle is absurd!
I prefere to use Paradox because it is a native BDE format. You can easily access Paradox tables, create new tables at run time, and you can easily deploy applications that use Paradox tables.

See this Borland documentation page to see Paradox limitation:

If you want to use Access databases I advice you either to use MS-Access or Visual Basic, but if you are Delphi programmer it is better to use Paradox
asiAuthor Commented:
now , how do i need to give the points , ha ?
Well, you offer 16 points and got about as many responses, tough call.... <G>

another suggestion use filemaker pro ;-)
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