BDE and Personal Oracle 7 drivers

Does anyone know which Vendor and DLL32 drivers to use when linking the BDE to an Oracle 7 DB.  I keep getting Vendor init failures.
MTXOCI.DLL gives a General SQL Error when trying to open the DB using BDE Admin or BDEexplorer, and ORA73.DLL just gives a vendor Init failure.

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ORA73.DLL should work but
SQLORA8.DLL is the driver that works with Oracle 7 & 8 and Personal Oracle.
this dll should come with latest bde if you dont have it you can download latest bde from borlands web site.
did you specify the full path to the dll?

Regards Barry
you can get the bde 5.10 with the latest drivers from here:

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ma8yrAuthor Commented:
I have Delphi 4 (prior to updates)
I would have thought the dll's would be here.

No I dont specify the whole path.

SQLORA8.DLL doesn't seem to want to work at all!
the error msg = "couldn't load IDAPI service library, File:SQLORA8.DLL etc..."

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try again setting your vendor init to ora73.dll and dll32 to sqlora7.dll
and then make sure that the <orahome>\bin is in your path so the Oracle dll's can be found by Windows when the BDE tries to load them as this could be the problem itself not the dlls
ma8yrAuthor Commented:
You are my hero.

I noticed a few days ago that the path was bad, some program hadd added something with a two word directory name and wasn't using quotes, so the path statement failed at machine startup.
I completely forgot about this.
In the end i used SQLOra32.dll and ora73.dll

the DLL32 SQLORA7.DLL doesn't exist.

Thank you so much, you can't begin to understand the relief this end.

:-) glad to help
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