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I had my hard drive partitioned into 2 drives one approx 10 GB the other approx 2 GB.  To make a long story short, I accidentally deleted the 2 GB partition.  My computer now only recognizes the 10 GB partition.  How can I either restore the 2 GB partition or "add" it back to the primary partition?  Maybe I should clarify...how can I do either of those without reformatting?
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you can accept my comment as an answer. there should a little option on the right of the question box that says accept as an answer. Anyway to make this easier, i'll post it as an answer. :)
Use fdisk to do this. Now i'm not sure whether your 2GB is primary or extended DOS, but try this. Enter fdisk and go to option 4 "Display partition option" there you'll see a list of your primary and extended DOS. If your 10GB says primary, then you'll have to create extended DOS. Exit option 4, now goto option 1"Create DOS partition or Logical DOS drive", select option 2"Create Extended DOS partition", and specify the value you want. Once that's done you'll have to format your 2GB partition before you can see it.  hope this help. good luck!!
churleyAuthor Commented:
yeah.  that did it...if you want to post that as an answer i will give you the points...thanks...
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