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Accessing the cdrom in my GUI

How can I access my cdrom in Linux GUI to install programs or can I?
1 Solution
What GUI are you referring to?  Which distribution of Linux?
It depends a bit on what you mean by installing programs and on what distribution/version of Linux you're running. If you're wanting to install packages in "rpm" or "deb" formats, there are GUI tools specifically for this puspose. One caveat, you may encounter difficulties with CD's burned on Win platforms that aren't in RockRidge format.

If you're using a late enough Linux, you can use kpackage (KDE) or gnorpm (KDE or Gnome). kpackage can also install Debian "deb" files. Of course, if the install will be writing to areas outside of your home directory these tools will have to be run as root.

You may need to tell the GUI package installer where the distributions are that are to be examined. In kpackage, you specify the location via "Options->Location of uninstalled packages". In gnorpm, the place to specify where to search is a bit less intuitive, being found under "Operations->Preferences->Install Window". For both utilities, once you can see the packages on the CD it's simply a matter of selecting the package and telling the tool to install it.

Also, you can usually install an "rpm" or "deb" from a file manager by double-clicking on the file icon, which will launch kpackage on KDE.

Finally if you're talking about installing something other than a package format (a "zip" file or a compressed tar image), those are usually best installed via a shell window. There is a wide range of possibilites as to what's necessary for those installs and the README/INSTALL docs should tell you exactl;y what to do.
Once you've succesfully mounted your cd-rom, or any other filesystem, it doesn't matter if you're in the console or in a GUI, you can access it through it's mount point.

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