Astaec take a look at this

What kind of problems are there with using
I already have two ISP's (both I pay for) and I found this "free" one I would like to try and Dennis said you had problems with it. What do I need to know up front, any advice???

What about you??
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Hi, Rayt333.  T'was my daughter's issue, I had some issue with a free web site at in regard to uploading using MS Front Page Extensions.  As regards daughter's issue; she chose NetZero instead and has had no problems.

Don't know if it's worth chasing her down about her experiences at this point, but if you like, will ask her further when I see her next.

Are there specifics?  


Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
I must add, though, Rayt333, that I've researched this a bit further since spotting your Q to me.  Most are very positive (with the exception of a one-time-charge).  Here's another example which says they're happy with this free ISP service and have been since '97.

Maybe I'll check it out and quit paying all these monthly fees as well.

Here's link to comment(s) and the free service link:


PS Back problems are keeping me offline quite a lot; will check back when I can.

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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
BTW, you came to mind when I rechecked this ongoing troubleshooting thread in which primarily PSLH and I have engaged.  Believe this is something you were also chasing at one point; so will include link in case you wish to participate as well.  Although pslh has negativity for me; the questionner is very methodical in his processes and deserves a good outcome here.  Thus, including the link here.  In the event your Q about the ISP is time-critical I'll check my Email more often than E-E responses, so Email me if you wish at  Also noticed you were a member of the E-E elite (Hall of Fame).  Proud of you, congratulations! 

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rayt333Author Commented:
OK astaec, I tried it just to see, I am impressed so far, there are no advertising or anything. This is not for me but for my mother, she tried Juno and it really sucked, it cost 9.95 month and it killed you with ads, I hate that, I would rather pay $20 and not have to deal with the ads. That is why I was worried about with freewwweb. Now I didn't download their software so maybe that is part of it, I just put the info I needed in the DUN and it works fine.
I'm wondering if they send a lot of ads in the e-mail? I didn't set the e-mail account up on this computer because it is a pop3 and you can only have one pop3 account entered at a time.
Thanks for the info

I may keep this account too (it is free after all)
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Thanks, Rayt333; for you, back online.  Talked with my daughter, and she confirmed that her coworker had first informed her of this site.  Her turn off about it was the cost; but she since spoke with her coworker who stated that he's had no downside experiences.  That is, no more than usual having web sites that have access to our email IDs.  I'll explore further for myself as well; that'll allow me access for two computers at home as one dials in on one line to paid ISP, while the other access free.  

As regards free EMAIL, though, I must add that of the two we've been monitoring within our family of the freebies (hotmail versus yahoo), hotmail produces less than yahoo --- don't know if this is just our own situation or "business as usual" on the Email side.

Back to the ice packs.



I guess I'm a late comer to this whole thing, but the original issue was arounf packet filtering vis-a-vis, or have I missed something (which is defintely not uncommon!)
rayt333Author Commented:
No Dennis I don't think you missed anything, I have freewwweb working and so far no problem. If this works out then maybe I can get rid of my one of my "pay" ISP. Before I cancel one or both though I want to make sure I don't get swamped with Ads.

I don't understand the packet filtering? It works just like my other ISP's, I just put the DNS numbers in and other settings but I see nothing any different. That must be the of those things that goes right over my head. LOL
You've heard of MTU speed, those are packets. My ISP permits unlimited file sizes for upload and download as well as attachments. I can change the packet size from anything starting 64 through 1500.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Dennis, you're talking about MSN, right? Or???  

Did either of you ever check out Speedy100 (if memory serves) the Q posted as an aside to see if you can help this poor person rest?  Sounds like he's still not feeling good about where his situation sits at this point; although progress has been total from my perspective.  He, though, is missing the use of some tools (won't bother expounding, if not of interest to you) due to the intermittent and unexplainable lock ups.  I felt comfortable in my recommendations, but at this point he's still on the fence.  Not a biggy, it's just that few people are willing to troubleshoot with such meticulous processes, I'd hate to see someone who is this methodical in troubleshooting not have a definitive resolution.

Outa here to ice my back.  Dennis, you're getting tired of hearing this, no?

On the ISP Asta, we have an ISP that we use for testing, logons etc.

As for the Q you mention, post the URL and I'll take a look!
rayt333Author Commented:
I did look in at that question and it looked like it was solved to me, I try not to butt in unless there is something very wrong with the answer or suggestions.
Have some confidence, you do good work!!  ;-)
rayt333Author Commented:
Dennis it is listed above
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
I paid the points to listen to someone is intentionally playing peer-group tactics and explicitly against me.

Have to open my eye wide and see how Lady Astaec is playing onwards..... and enjoying her various new styles of approach.

Good game, lady astaec. You're extremely excellent and smart indeed and started this game since March 1999 which I did not aware that due to my stupidity and dropped in your game unconsciously.

Thank you for your mentioning my name in every thread that you've participated.

Not to worry! You'll get what you desired and achieved your target no sooner or later!

Glad that you've earned the points again and drew more and more people to pay attention to you. You've got it.
Well done! Surely I'll help you to call more and more people to join with your game as you wished. Your previous tactic was aimed at putting me on the table of E&E. Okay! I devoted myself in the coming dates and made your goal to be fulfilled. I won’t let you get down.

Sorry forgot to tell you Lady astaec again. I'm foolish to use English as beautiful and perfect as you are in posting so many sarcasms on me since March 1999 in numerous threads in E&E.
The only one thing that I learnt is just calling the help from customer service.  

I do hope today you'll get a good day! Hum..! It should be, am I right?
You should be cheer up with great joy. It should be, I think!

Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:

I've invited/asked Dennis and Rayt333 to look at this specific question because I believe this must be a bug that should be reported, and was going to place a bug report to try and understand why existing tools aren't compatible.  This, especially after the valuable recommendations you made and the attempts at supplementing them as the thread continued.  I have a stake in this resolution and thought these two could bring added value to the process before I send a bug report.  As regards any ill will; I think it comes from misunderstanding.  Although I've felt sadness by some of your comments, I also feel that I shouldn't take these things personally, so try and ignore them.  I really have a sincere interest in being able to run background unattended processes within Windows 98 and have the use of tools without the possibility of lock ups, so want to see the final resolution and/or the information I don't have so that a bug report can be placed.  As regards any points, I already said I didn't want any.  As regards the whole emotional issue(s), I've posted a Q in the lounge to get input from others to have a topic about emotional types of issues so they don't enter into the client Qs.  

I happen to like you and respect your meticulous troubleshooting processes and learn a lot from you.  I've also shown you respect in most interactions and given you credit and appreciation in threads as I continue to learn from E-E and you.  What I don't understand is what changed or why there is sudden hostility.  It all began when I noticed that answers were no longer needed and that comments can now be converted to answers, and having posted that in a Q as a recommendation, not as a threat or whatever.  You, I suspect, took this to mean that I insulted you or your knowledge;  not so.  You then placed me on report with Linda.  I've been open in asking E-E in Customer Service, Suggestions, etc. to address the one ongoing point of conflict within E-E (in my view) and that being the issue of ANSWERS versus comments, even if and when the client specifically asks not to have answers (including myself when I've asked my many questions as a client as well).  

 I'm a person who wants peace and don't want any sadness or anger at or with people.  

If you like, I'll go through my Experts-exchange activities and cut/paste samples of communications between you and me through time and I believe you'll see that I don't believe or want conflict, and that  I do acknowledge you for your contributions and help.  I have also asked that answers be withheld, especially if the issue is of a subjective nature since comments can now be converted.  Lastly, I had a Q in the customer service area where Ian helped me in regard to 'anger' and the like within a customer's question; and was not regarding you.  Ian then dealt with the issue after which I read your note to me which I'll cut/paste here, and then I looked at your profile within E-E and confirmed that you, like me don't want this type of activity, and will cut/paste that here as well.  So my feelings were confirmed, you don't think it should be what is done, yet did it to me.  I felt hurt, included this in a comment for Ian to look at.  He said he didn't see the problem; I said I give up.  End of issue.  Again, I thought I was just being overly sensitive and let it go. You and I are totally different people and personality types.  I spend a great deal of time at E-E, like many others, and I learn as I go and I enjoy people.  My style is conversational; I'm an artist and enjoy the beauty of words.  I don't begrudge you your style, don't put me down for mine, please.  I don't have your skills, and don't try and compete with you.  This is an open forum for all to engage in and a good team spot; especially if we all deal with our issues and resolve conflicts.

Here's the Q that I believe was your personal negativity to me and wherein you do what you yourself state isn't what should occur (based on you EE pslh profile which follows via cut/paste):

Excerpt of what I felt was negative to me, but Ian didn't agree:

" pslh
 Date: Tuesday, January 18 2000 - 09:27PM PST  
Chris, Remember how I solved your last question? You will recognise my style of trouble-shooting is completely different from that other person.
You're not neglected though I kept silent at the background.

I do not want to interrupt while that other person is enjoying from catching all your attention. Let it be one's own way.

If you need any help from me, just call me freely. I will definitely stand by and try my best.

That other person is mega-link fully resourceable and capable. She would help you through this time, I trusted.

 Date: Friday, January 21 2000 - 05:36AM PST  

  My pleasure to help.  The Scandisk and defrag restart and 10X issue was my experience, and thus the earlier recommendation.

  As regards points, give them to PSLH or whomever you wish.  (I've learned in the process and don't enjoy bad feelings or conflicts which appear to have evolved here).

  Personally, I'd recommend to keep it open until the goal is accomplished; especially given with your ongoing assessments and tests.



to which you responded:
"Chris, If your problem still not solved, I would like to suggest you to delete this question and re-open a new one posted on the win98 topic area again so that more other new experts can review your case again.

Such a long and lengthy and distracted with a lots of ramdomised comments would easily get tired by any other new experts (including me) to thread out your environment and come to a resolution.



YOU THEN ADDED "This is a Q&A site in its pecularity for patent pending and not a chatting usernet or newsgroup."

___________________cut/paste your profile_______________ (I agree with your feelings)

Started computing since 1979 in Basic Dos, system build-up, management and consultancy since 1983.  Am eager to solve FAQ everyday in various application fields and industries. Also being a qualified and an experienced Textile chemist, dyer and colourist.  
Remark: Being a scientific and pragmatic lady who appreciated dealing with matters in the way that seems best under the actual conditions and concerned with practical results, it would be hereby appreciated that every participant could concentrate on the fix and resolutions in a friendly and professional atmosphere. Please be polite, too in a constructive and positive manner! Thanks in advance!   With best regards!    ;p)  Patricia
_______end of cut/paste__________

That it from my point of view.


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