multiple emails with one user

OK, have a client using Outlook who uses multiple email accounts for different branches of his business.  While I was trying to set up Outlook to receive mail from these different accounts, I discovered why I still use netscape in spite of its bugs.  

Outlook tells me that in order to receive mail from each of the accounts, I have to create a different user profile in Windows.  So, if he wants to check all four email accounts, he has to log off , log back on with each of the different users, and connect to the internet each time.

Some one please tell me this is untrue and tell me what to do.  Please post as a comment and I will accept the most helpful as an answer.  This will take a few days since this guy does not pay me enough to go to his office everday!
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If he wants them to arrive in different INBOXes then you will have to create different windows profiles.

Otherwise you can add an "Internet Email" service with the details of one account for each of the email accounts he wants to check. Do this from Tools, Services, Add button.

The effect is that you will end up with your Tools, Services looking like this

Internet Email - account 1
Internet Email - account 2
1cellAuthor Commented:
yeah, that's what I found.  I'm hoping that there's a way to configure it without multiple profiles but with separate inboxes.  I have to say that I don't think it's possible which is a major downfall of the program.
I'm not sure I understand the question, but I use Outlook 2000 to check three e-mail accounts, which go to seperate inboxes...

All accounts are POP3 and I set them up using "Tools" -> "Accounts" -> "Mail" -> "New".

Then, I went into the "Rules Wizard" and added rules to send all mail gathered from each account to different inboxes. I did notice however that this "rule" is ONLY available in Outlook 2000. If you are running a version previous to 2000, I think you're out of luck.

Hope this helps.
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1cellAuthor Commented:
I am running 2000 and I'm not sure wether this is the solution I want or not.  Could you elaborate?

I want to have multiple email accounts, multiple inboxes, 1 user profile in windows
Ok, first step would be to add all of the e-mail accounts through "Tools" -> "Accounts" -> "Add" -> "Mail".

When you set them up using the Wizard, you can specify different identities and e-mail addresses for each account. Also, specify the same dialup connection for each account, so it doesn't hang up and dial each dialup account for each e-mail server.

What you are left with is a list of all the POP3 accounts listed in the mail tab of the "Accounts" window. Both specifying "any connection".

When this is set up, you can dial an internet connection, or through a LAN, or however you connect and check all of the accounts- but this is only step one, as ALL of your new mail will land in your default InBox.

Next, under the Tools menu, there will be an option called "Rules Wizard.." There should be no rules in there, so click "New". Select "Check mesages when they arive" then Next. Then the first option on the list is "when received through a specified account". click the checkbox beside it. Then in the Rules description window, "specified" is underlined. click it and select which account the rule applies to (listed by POP server address). Now click Next again.

Then check "move it to specified folder". then under Rules Description, click the underlined "folder" and select the folder you want to send it to. When you click next, you can specify exceptions, but don't check anything for this. Click Next again, and make sure "Turn on this rule" is checked. Click finish.

That rule should appear in the window.

Repeat the process for the other three accounts.

Once completed, all new mail coming from ALL the accounts are routed to the various folders.

Now, its important to note that ALL of the accounts I use are POP3 standard accounts, I have never used accounts that are not POP3, so I'm not sure if it would work with those.

This is how I set up my Outlook 2000, and it appears to work fine. I hope this helps you.

1cellAuthor Commented:
All POP3 and that very well may do it.  To make sure I understand clearly, all of the mail will be downloaded to the same inbox.  Then , by rule, it will be directed to specific folders in the pst file.  All of the folders are available from the same user profile since it's all one inbox.

go ahead and post an answer to lock this question until I can try it this weekend.  Sorry it wont be sooner but the customer is 20 miles from me and barely pays me enough to pick up the phone when he calls.

I will try it and post results as soon as I can but I'm pretty sure this is it.
1cellAuthor Commented:
question:  you said:
"Then check "move it to specified folder". then under Rules Description, click the underlined "folder" and select the folder you want to send it to. When you click next, you can specify exceptions, but don't check anything for this. Click Next again, and make sure "Turn on this rule" is checked. Click finish.

when you are talking about specifying a folder, will this be a folder in my PST datafile or will this be a folder on the hard drive?  If on the hard drive, separate from the PST datafile, how will it open through outlook?  And yes, this is 2000.

thanks for your help
yes... add the folders through outlook and then create the rules... So when you specify the folders in the rules, the folders you've created appear in the Outlook "Personal Folders" list.

What I do, is I then created shortcuts to those folders on my outlook bar on the left so I can click each of them for quick access.

I belive you right click on the bar to add a folder to the shortcut bar. You can also add the folders to Outlook Today, which I also do.

Good Luck.


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1cellAuthor Commented:
very sorry about the delay, forgot to come back.  forgive me, I'm a loser. hehe

thanks, worked well
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