athlon install boot trouble

when i try to boot off the debian CD my athlon box freezes after the line "md driver 0.36.3 MAX_MD_DEV=4 MAX_REAL=8".
does anybody know how i can get aroung this?
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edicomConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well I don t know for debian, but I saw an updated boot disk for the Athlon for Suse, the problem being that the compiled kernel hasn t the proper mtrr for the athlon. Maybe there s a similar problem for debian (and probably similar fix, creating an updated bootdisk with proper kernel). (info the suse problem at:
so basically I see two options: find an updated bootdisk to launch install (2.2.13 or above kernel).
Or: take the disk out of your athlon box, put it in an Intel box, install on the disk in this box, upgrade the kernel and then move back the disk to your athlon box.
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