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Create a class for listbox filling...

I have 4 simple-list style combo boxes containing the names of date fields
and they are all on the same form.  They all contain the exact same information.  I ought to be able to create a "Class" for them, shouldn't I?  Then I could define it just once and replicate, right?  Any ideas ?
1 Solution
Give the controls the same names with different index values.
use a class to share code is right.
### Ccbo ###
Option Explicit

Public WithEvents cbo As ComboBox

Private Sub cbo_Change()
    ' Do something
End Sub

Private Sub Class_Terminate()
    Set cbo = Nothing
End Sub
### Form1 ###
Option Explicit

Private clscbo1 As Ccbo
Private clscbo2 As Ccbo
Private clscbo3 As Ccbo
Private clscbo4 As Ccbo

Private Sub Form_Load()
    Set clscbo1 = New Ccbo
    Set clscbo1.cbo = Combo1
    Set clscbo2 = New Ccbo
    Set clscbo2.cbo = Combo2
    Set clscbo3 = New Ccbo
    Set clscbo3.cbo = Combo3
    Set clscbo4 = New Ccbo
    Set clscbo4.cbo = Combo4
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
    Set clscbo1 = Nothing
    Set clscbo2 = Nothing
    Set clscbo3 = Nothing
    Set clscbo4 = Nothing
End Sub

provb6dbAuthor Commented:
I like the idea here and I think it will work but it seems like there should be more code. I named the new class module Ccbo which got rid of the type not defined error but how would I use this class to fill the comboboxes with data?


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