A 10/100 hub simple question

I have Two computers with a 3com 10/100 nic and an HP jetdirect printer server connected with a 3com base 10 T Hub.

the question

If I change the hub with a 10/100, do I get the connection between the computers at 100 and the connection between a computer and the jet direct at 10?
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Yes if all the components are capable of the speed including the cables, cat 5, the distance of the cable and the computers themselves. I venture to say that under normal conditions you'll very likely not achive the speed or see the difference.  Hope this helps.
Yes. 10/100 HUB most often means, they can opearte on both speeds and have no problems connecting 10Mbit layer with the 100Mbit. All 3Com HUBs are this kind. I've seen some other brands which did not have this feature.
i would say "no, most cheap 10/100 hubs require ALL ports to operate at the same speed, or they might have two different i/o buses one operating at 10, the other at 100"

This can only be answered if you give us the _exact_ make/model of the hub you are considering.
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No, the 10 mbps hub will NOT allow 100 mbps data transfer between the workstations.  The 10/100 will recognise the slower speed of the hub and slow down to 10mpps, half duplex.  A 10/100 switch will allow 200 mbps between the two PCs (100mpps full duplex) and 10 mbps between the PCs and the printer (10 mbps half duplex).  There is no way to sped up a 10 mbps hub.
xemaAuthor Commented:
Some more info:

I woud like more speed for gaming, but to change the print server is out of my budget. Iwas planning on a 3com Hub unless somebody can recommend another brad that's cheaper and almost the same quality.

If I understud the comments if I don't power the print server and use a 10/100 hub I'll get 100 between computers, but if I power the print server I'll get 10 on the entire network.
All equipment will operate on the fastest speed possible, unless you set it otherwise.
It depends on hub/switch/etc. port, where the equipment is connected and the lan port of the equipment (and on the cabling).
So the computers will operate on 100Mbit (half or full duplex)
The print server on 10Mbit.
With a 3Com hub, for examlple, the 10Mbit and 100Mbit equipments will communicate with each other.
Some other brands won't allow communication between the 10Mbit and 100Mbit equipments, but they will communicate amongs the same type.
If you do need the faster speed, buy a new 3Com hub. It is not as much expensive, and very reliable.
If you are looking for a cheaper one, try LINKSYS for example. They have a 5 port 10/100Mbit HUB, which is fairly cheap.

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hiamdras is correct, if you use a switch, each pair of devices will communicate at their highest mutually attainable speed.  You can communicate between the 2 PCs with 10/100 cards at 200mbps with a switch and the switch will slow down to 10 mbps when communicating to the print server.  Careful with a faster hub, many brands are 100 mbps only and will not communicate with your print server.  If you get a hub, mkae sure it is 10/100.  10/100 switches, which allow full duplex, are available for under $200.
Depends on the hub purchased.  If you select one that will speed select on a per port basis then you should be fine.  Some (even an Allied Telesyn I installed a couple of months back) require all ports to operate at the same speed.  With the ATI unit the first connection set the speed for all other ports.

Netgear make some neat and inexpensive hibs that well speed select fine on indiviual ports.

Hope this helps

Steve RoseCommented:
I would just set it up and test it. The diag program that comes with most NIC cards will tell you what it senses as the network speed. Windows 2000 will tell you what speed the NIC is running at.

Most hubs are auto sensing but like hiandras stated the cheaper hubs will not. If this is a cheep hub a better hub would be way cheaper than a switch. Switches like routers can be a bit pricey.

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