a question about run applet!!!

Hello every one,My browse is Netscape 4.5(Mac OS),when I  run an applet in a
html file (.class file),it is normal,
But when I run a class of a jar file
It always failed.(It reports "class not
found),Then I turn the class(.jar file)
to applesingle format.But it also failed
.The reason is same.Why ?
Anyone can help me?
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TheHubConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Netscrapes Java implemetation is retarded. Did you try to run the applet under msie 4.5 (which uses the MRJ or Macintosh Runtime Java built into the MacOS)? You can also setup netscrape to use the MRJ, but I have forgotten how. I'll look it up and post a comment.

Additionally, you can get a lot more mileage out of Javascript then you can from Java, since Java is still the buggiest thing on the planet (next to AOHellware). Javascript runs inline as executable code in the html environ. and rarely crashes or fails. I have found that everything I can do in Java, I can do in Javascript.
choudesAuthor Commented:
You say its the reason of java vm.
But I think it's not,because the vm is
the same version in MacOs and nt/98.
But the nt/98 is normally.The MacOs
is wrong. But I didn't know how to
change the vm of netscape.If you konw
,tell me .Thank you very much
My GPA was 4.0 when I went to school. I couldn't buy an "A" here if my life depended on it. I think I am gonna quit this place. No one appreciates how much effort is involved in trying to communicate. First there is learning the material. Then there is using it. Then there is this Forum, where the Experts have to translate the data in their heads from Geek into a language that others might understand, like English.

Try uninstalling Netscrape and all its parts (don't forget the Preferences folder in the System Folder) and re-installing it fresh. The error message is telling you that Netscrape cannot find an "object." That object has a name. If the programmer is lazy, which most of them are these days, he will tell his little program to look in one place. If the file is not found in that special place, it reports an error, instead of maybe searching the entire drive for the thing it wants.

By the way, you earned a D- for your communication skills.
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