Windows 98 still crashing! HELP!

Hello, again! recently, i asked about my computer crashing and i ran "scanreg/fix" from DOS, and i ran SFC in Windows. it seems that the problem has not gone away. my wife and i log in under different names. it locks up under her name and under mine. But if i go in and instead of logging in under our names, i hit "cancel" on the log in screen, i have no lockup problems here. Computer runs smoothly! i thought maybe there was a "lock-up patch" available but i could not find it...and i don't even know if that would help. I had norton utilities on here but i uninstalled that and reinstalled windows 98. and as soon as i or my wife logs in, it freezes up within seconds. PLEASE HELP! and how do i get more points?
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sfurrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You may want to try going to Start/Find/Files or Folders...Then search for *.pwl under C:  rename those files to filename.old instead of filename.pwl.  reboot and then when presented with the login screen simply click OK.  It will ask you to confirm click OK again.  This will make the computer bring you straight to the desktop on startup.  

If you really want to use the login.  Use all of the same steps except after you reboot Enter the desired username and password.  The client that controls logins Is Client For Microsoft Networs.  It is possible that the pwl's (password files) are corrupt.  

I would suggest doing without the logins because they are virtually useless without an NT or Linux server to use as a primary domain controller anyway.
Yes i agree its best to go without the passwords. Change them in the control panel to nothing and when you reboot the problem should be a thing of the past
Good Luck
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