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how the geocities/tripod handle their ftp user?

using the chroot technique? If so, how they secure their user and server as well.

Thanx for helping

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chris_calabreseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My understanding is that they use a home-grown FTP server.  However, it is certainly possible to get similar results with WU-FTPD setup to chroot for all users.  WU-FTPD is freely available from http://www.wuftpd.org/.
bsherAuthor Commented:
hi chris,

i had create the chroot before, for 2 users.

but now, i would like to 'open it' to more users,
so, what i concern is /etc/passwd , how can i duplicate another passwd just for the ftp users?

get my point?

Or let me tell the situation, i would like to open my ftp and provide 'Free Webspace' service,

So what are the thing i should do and concern?

Yes, you'll have to give these folks accounts on your machine.  Of course, that doesn't mean they can access the machine other than by FTP, as you can do things like give them a dummy shell so they can't login through telnet/whatever.  You'll also want to write scripts to automate adding new users.  Pick up a book that covers FTP security on Unix (try http://www.ora.com) if you're unsure on any of this stuff.
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