PDF to FLASH! How can it be done?

Hi Experts!

I have heaps of quite detailed pictures in Adobe pdf form that I would prefer to show in flash format on my site. Both flash and pdf have the zoom in to enlarge feature which is what my pictures need.

The Acrobat reader is a huge download, whilst Flash is built into the current Explorer and Netscape Browsers.

Therefore I would likt to convert my pdf images into flash images.

How can this be done quickly and easily and can this be done all in one go rather than one at a time?

Please help me!

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SuperMarioConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are still no conversion tools from any other file format (other than the original first version of Flash).

PDF is coded very differently from SWF. To do this, you need the same kind of algorithm that converts midi to wav.

I'm sorry - we just haven't gotten that far yet.

mindwaveAuthor Commented:
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