A Loop problem.

I want to my movie looped some certain frames say from 3 to 5.
That is the sequence is as follows.
12345 345 345 345 ....

so I did not scripted other than the 5th frame.
In that frame I inserted scripts like this.

Go to and play (3)

But it wouldn't work.
What should I do?
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this should work...
This is because it is looping between frame 3 and 4, and is not even displaying the fifth frame.

Try moving the action Go to and play(3) to the sixth keyframe, which should have nothing else in it other than that action.

This will solve your problem!


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iamjhkangAuthor Commented:

It's really interesting.

No wonder you are the no.1 expert in this area.

I still don't know why.

Would you explain it more for me?
Sure -

When the Flash player encounters a frame with a Go To statement as its first action, it won't even bother to display the contents of the frame - it simply jets back to the frame you specified, meaning that frame is "blank..." it doesn't really have any contents other than that programming instruction.

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