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Small pop up window with a close button

How can I make a small pop up window with a close window button when I click on a link in Frontpage?
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1 Solution
I guess you mean s.th. like that

please note that the line win_id ... until the "}" is one line!

change the seite.html in this statement to any url you like.

in the this html page enter a

<a href="javascript:window.close()">window close</a>

in the html part.

the sample code!

<script language="JavaScript">

function winopen() {
      win_id = window.open("seite.html","tt","toolbar=0,location=0,directories,status=0,menubar=0,scrollbars=1,resizable=1,width=420,height=550");


<title>Neue Seite 1</title>


<p><a href="default.htm" onclick="winopen()">sdgf</a></p>
ppmbAuthor Commented:
Well, actually, I need a real BUTTON that says "CLOSE"
and the window is smaller in size! I have a hyperlink on the home page and want to pop up a smaller size IE with a "CLOSE" button on it. I have tried your code but that just didnt look like what I meant! If you can elaborate more and get to what I want, I will give you credit for your answer. If not, I will reject ... ! Sorry!
which button?

a form button or an image?

do see the entries width and height?

change it to your personal whiches so it should be no problem for you to resize it.
here is the button version put this code instead of the "<a href="javascript:window.close()">window close</a>"

<form onclick="javascript:window.close()">
  <p><input type="button" value="Close" name="B1"></p>

Tell me if you need more info´s but normaly no questions should be left

Still questions left or is everything clear now?

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