How superior C++ is?

What are the advantages of C++/VC++ compared to Smalltalk in a client-server application using DB2 back-end?
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Sasi012700Author Commented:
I want all the points on technical as well as business basis that why should I prefer C++ rather than Smalltalk in my client-server application using DB2 back-end.
Would you also like us to sit your exams?
 Looks like a school assignment. Such questions are basis for removal from the forum. Assure us better

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The answer is C++ is better because nobody likes Smalltalk. Therefore, you should use Java. Blah. Hope you get a good score on your exam.
client-server doesnt matter.All evil is that SmallTalk is not as good and efficient and practical as C++.
Guys, this doesn't seem like homework to me. Is it, Sasi?

If not, I suggest you take everything you read here in the C++ zone (including what I say) with a grain of salt - we have already chose C++, so we are biased. Try news:comp.lang.smalltalk for other opinions. Having said that, I think they most serious advantage of C++ is that there are many more experienced C++ programmers than experienced Smalltalk programmers on the market.
Sasi012700Author Commented:
hi sinister,
thanx for ur response. FYI I hope this is not a kidding place. If u r serious about giving answer give it properly or leave it. Your co-operation solicited.

 OK. As Yonat has suggested we are biased towards C++.
There are several reasons to do so according to me. (I may be wrong and it is my opinion)

1. C was the most poweful language once and it was easy to migrate to C++
2. C++ is a very powerful language and supports most if not all ( i really donot know if you ask what it doesnt support!!) of OOPS concept. In this sense it is equal to Smalltalk if not superior.
3. The support from the industry for C++ is far far higher than for Smalltalk making it easier to develop, deploy and support softwares. Smalltalk though a serious programming language doesnot and cannot boast of such a kind of industry support. Smalltalk seems to be now of a purely academic interest. (I too had to learn it for my Compiler Design Course!!!!)
4. The learning curve for C++ is far less than that for Smalltalk (especially if you are from C background since syntax is similar . Yes you do have to unlearn a few things!!!)
5. Learing Matierials, courses, development tools etc for C++ are far superior and many than that for Smalltalk.

OOPs i am tired.
Overall C++ is better known renowned powerful and accepted language. Hence go for it.

Feel free to ask
All the best
Sasi012700Author Commented:
hi abdij,
I appreciate your effort to answer my question. But, unfortunately this is not the answer I am looking for. As I am also more C++ biased s/w developer, I too knew these points. But I want to explore real technical edge of C++/VC++ (or if not Java) over Smalltalk. Its easy to kidding ( like ur first comment ) but difficult to answer. Isn't it?

thanx for ur effort once again
The practical answer probably has almost nothing to do with the niceties of each programming language.  You can probably do an adequate job with either.  But some of the questions you should probably be asking are:

i) can I use all the tools/environments etc. that I need with both languages?  e.g. if you are using some middleware like CORBA, are both C++ and Smalltalk adequately provided for by my ORB vendor on all my supported platforms.

ii) what skills are available to me?  e.g. it might be pretty dumb to go for a Smalltalk solution if you only have C++ programmers around and vice versa.

BTW, I'm a C++ programmer through and through.  But to dismiss Smalltalk for some applications is plain stupid.  They have some good stuff that C++ programmers are never likely to see, like the refactoring browser ( and the squeak smalltalk project is one of the most amazing programming efforts you are ever likely to see (

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