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linking libraries in BC3.1

I want to make a programm for a DOS station that uses TCP protocol. I found a way of doing this by using Waterloo TCP libraly . For editing the source file I use BC3.1 but I have a problem generated probalby by the fact that I don't know where I can include the wattcpsm.lib, so I have errors saying "ERROR: Undefined symbol xxxxxfunction(..) in module mymodule.c"; I use the following command line in order to compile the programm:

bcc -ms -IC:\borlandc\include -I.\include -L.\lib\wattcpsm.lib mymodule.c

The error appears after is launched Turbo Link (so it generates this error) and is like the linker doesn't know to find the library file
1 Solution
Try again putting lib file and header file in working dir. See that you have included .h file. A path may be defined in the header file as an instruction to the compiler.
Why you don't IDE? (bcw).
Simple open you Project window,
press ins, brouse to lib file and
press "Enter". But if you use bcc, tray
use full path, as:

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