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linking libraries in BC3.1

I want to make a programm for a DOS station that uses TCP protocol. I found a way of doing this by using Waterloo TCP libraly . For editing the source file I use BC3.1 but I have a problem generated probalby by the fact that I don't know where I can include the wattcpsm.lib, so I have errors saying "ERROR: Undefined symbol xxxxxfunction(..) in module mymodule.c"; I use the following command line in order to compile the programm:

bcc -ms -IC:\borlandc\include -I.\include -L.\lib\wattcpsm.lib mymodule.c

The error appears after is launched Turbo Link (so it generates this error) and is like the linker doesn't know to find the library file
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Try again putting lib file and header file in working dir. See that you have included .h file. A path may be defined in the header file as an instruction to the compiler.

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Why you don't IDE? (bcw).
Simple open you Project window,
press ins, brouse to lib file and
press "Enter". But if you use bcc, tray
use full path, as:
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