Can't perform the edit another user has changed the record

I am writing an App in delphi4 using SQL links for SQL Server  but, I'm getting a weird error.
I am looping through a table  and based on certain field values I am trying to edit other fields. However when I try to post the changes I keep getting the error " Can't perform the edit another user has changed the record". There are no other users or application using the applications so I don't understand this. When I try to edit the table throught Database desktop I also got the same error. Now the weird part, I have another application that uses the same table, and that application edits the table with no errors, I can also edit the table in access. I think this is some sort of Record Lock problem but I can't figure why. Anyone know why this is happening
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hi mem100,

from borland:

Question and Answer Database

     FAQ: FAQ4655B - SET NOCOUNT ON causes "Couldn't perform the edit because another user changed the record" error
Category: Database (MSSQL)
Platform: All Windows
 Product: BC++5.x,  


How come after I execute SET NOCOUNT ON on MSSQL server all updates result in the error
"Couldn't perform the edit because another user changed the record"? BDE error 10259.


The BDE uses rows effected to determine if an UPDATE is successful. SET NOCOUNT ON tells
MSSQL to return 0 for rows effected for all UPDATE statements and thereby causing all UPDATES
to fail.

7/28/99 9:07:21 AM

preventive lock
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