DW3 and the referential Library file

This is an interesting problem that I am not sure has a solution...or there is something fundamental about LBI files that I am misuderstanding.

So, I create an LBI file with all the referenced links for images and urls that it will need.  One of the reasons, as I understood it, that we use LBI's is so that when you apply an LBI to a page, it will automatically change the link locations based on where the page you are editing is located in your directory structure.

So, to further emphasize the point..the LBI contains an image in the root directory and that image points to a url in a sub-directory (so the <a> tag has a "directoryname/filename.htm" look to it.

That works well if the target page for the LBI is in the root directory but what if it is in another sub-directory?  Shouldn't, when applied, the LBI inserted code reference ../directoryname/filename.htm to maintain referential integrity?  The images do..why don't the urls?  In otherwords, the image location (images are in the root) would change automatically to ../image.gif because the LBI seems to recognize that it is being placed in a file in a directory one level deeper than where the image files are located...but it does not recognize that same fact for the url links made in the LBI file as well.

Any ideas...or is this a bug?  Or do I just not get it?
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I am afraid that the answer to thsi question is no it will not update the URL if the linking page is in a sub directory.

The idea of an Library object is the properties are the same on each page throughout the site

It will change the image location as that is the object that is being stored in the Library and to access the object Dreamweaver needs to change the source file address but the URL is just a property of that item which is static.  The only way to do this is manually on the page.  The only time the URL will change is when you change the properities of the object in Library which will in turn change all the objects on each page to that URL


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