Can I set default page view to open?

I'd like to know if I there is a way to change Front Page's default viewing mode to open in "HTML" or "Preview" mode
instead of "Normal".  I'm aware of the keyboard shortcuts to toggle between view modes but that is inefficient if we want to check many pages for something in "HTML" or "Preview" mode.
Thanks, archin
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READERConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't see that this capability is available although it sounds like a good idea.

Why don't you submit it to Microsoft as a suggestion for a future release?

You can do this at the following address.................
archinAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 50
archinAuthor Commented:
I'd appreciate it if someone could answer my question or comment on it to tell me why its not getting answered. That is, are the points too low or is Front Page just not capable of what I'm asking.  It seemed like a pretty straightforward question that many people would have.  I've only used the Access forum previously and I usually get a response the same day.  Someone please show me that Front Page experts are as responsive as Access Experts.

Thanks, Russ
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Hi, I'm actually just accessed this website today and so I didn't answer your question sooner.

No, I don't think it can be done. I've searched through the help file, and there's nothing there to indicate that what you asked can be done.

I'll keep searching though.
I looked like everywhere for you today...and tried to think of a good work-around...
sorry charlie...

...that's a good one for the M$ suggestion box...

....if you do go tell em, also mention maybe having an option to AUTO check-back-in documents on Program close...and what's up with NOT Improving the Banner-ad ALL??...

heheh..enuff bitchin' for now...

I can tell you it will default to HTML view if you write your code a certain way...not necessarily wrong...just differently...I did read about that at KB today..maybe that's all you need to do to solve your problem??

archinAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone for your responses.  I have to give READER the points for providing the link to Microsofts suggestion page.


Good decision!  Glad I could help.

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