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I am having a problem being able to easily select all folders to be used offline.  The president of company I work for has over 150 folders and subfolders for his email.  The only way I've found to synchronize these folders is to right click on each folder, properties and go to the synchronization tab.  After that I click Offline or online uder This folder is available.  Any global buttons that can be used to select all folders for offline use?

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rickffConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If running Exchange 5.5 and Outlook 2000, in Outlook go to Tools\Services\ MS Exchange\porperties\advanced.

Click on "Off Line Folder Settings". This will set up an .ost file that will synch. everytime the user logs in.

I hope this is what you are talking about. Let me know.
mleiter I have been working with outlook for years now and have yet to find one, but if anybody does find one I will match the same number of points as mleiter.  

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I will also gladly give 50p for an answer to this...
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