Dual boot NT 4.0 / Red Hat Linux 6.0

Can someone please give me the instructions on how to dual boot NT with LINUX. I already have NT setup and have an ext2 partition setup. I used "Partition Magic" to set this up. I also have access to "Boot Magic".
I know how to install Linux, I just need to know if there are special instructions to dual boot it with NT.
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ricksonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
when installing linux have u prompt to install LILO Boot (incuded in linux) just say install it. then u will have a dual boot to the OS.
Whoa, careful there, rickson.

You can start NT from LILO, that's right. To do that, you have to install LILO into your boot disks MBR. If you are asked where to install LILO, choose /dev/hda (or sda, if you have a SCSI disk). BUT make sure first that your /etc/lilo.conf is correct: The entry to load NT (probably with a lable=-entry of dos, win or winnt HAS to have another entry 'table=/dev/hda' (or /dev/sda, assuming SCSI disk). If not, your NT might give you a blue screen while booting, complaining about an inaccessible boot device.

The safer way to install is to leave the MBR alone and install LILO to your boot partition's boot record (/dev/hda3 or something), but be sure to create a boot disk for your linux as you won't be able to boot from hard disk the first time. After installing, boot from the boot disk and log in as root. Insert a floppy into your floppy drive, then do a

dd if=/dev/hda3 of=/root/bootsect.lnx bs=512 count=1
mcopy /root/bootsect.lnx a:

Then reboot into NT. Copy a:\bootsect.lnx into C:\ and edit C:\boot.ini: Add the line

C:\bootsect.lnx = "Linux"

into the section [boot loader]. Reboot, and when the NT loader comes up, choose Linux. The LILO prompt should appear and your linux will boot. You'll have to repeat that procedure if you install a new kernel or copy any files under /boot, so keep that boot disk handy, just in case!
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