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Releasing VB6 Application from NT Task Manager

I have a VB6 application that when I unload it, it doesn't remove the application from the Windows NT Task Manager List.  This same application in was previously in vb4 and this never seemed to occur.  If it is run over and over, the number of instances in the Taks manager multiplies.

Any help would be appreciated.
1 Solution
You are probably using the DataReport Designer ?
If so:
After using the .PrintReport method you must UNLOAD the DataReport yourself, otherwise it will stay in the Task Man after closing the application.
Did have the same problem....
grtx, RoverM
facoleAuthor Commented:
Per Proposed Answer from roverm.  I am not using the DataReport Designer in my application.  Something else must be causing it.  Thanks for the try though
Do you have multiple forms in your program?  

Does it only happen when the "X" is used to close the program?

I had a similar problem, you have to be sure and unload all forms before a program will fully close.
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Are you using any DAO objects?

If you set references to DAO objects like databases or recordsets, you have to explicitly set these object references to nothing to get rid of them:

Dim rs as DAO.Recordset
Set rs = somekindofrecordset
'     do your
'     recordset work
'     here
Set recordset = nothing 'this detroys the reference.

If you don't, many times they hang and create the situation you are describing.

Can you give anymore information what you're using in your application?
facoleAuthor Commented:

Thank you.  I found a form that I loaded, but didn't necessarily display all of the time.  It was always loaded and on exit it was never closed.

Thanks for your help

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