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What i want to accomplish is: When creating a sub with values being passed to it, i would like it to show a drop down list of posiblities, kinda like if i were to make a public enum then use that enum in the Private Sub MySub(enum). the problem is when calling it i have to type MySub enum.enumvalue. I only get a list of enums when i type the actual name of the enum followed by a period. Many built in methods of basic use something similar to the enum to show the programmer a list when calling that method but none make you type the name of the enum first then a period. they all work buy simply displaying a list of enums which the programmer can choose from. how can i replicate this same behavior? sorry i cant give more points i only have 19 left!

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If your enum is called enummm then in the SUB declaration put

SUB somename(somevariable as enummm)

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Enum E
End Enum

Private Sub Form_Load()
S three 'List appears
End Sub

Private Sub S(en As E)
    Debug.Print en
End Sub
JaysorAuthor Commented:
since you were the first to answer you get the points.. thanks!

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