Server Extensions

Hi all.

When i do : MMC-->Default Web Site-->Task-->Configure Server Extensions,
a messagge pops up saying :

"The document root of the web-server where you are trying to install the server extensions, already contains a disk-based web"

What do i have to do ?
I need to configure them, to make a discussion Web function.


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Can you run the FrontPage Administrator instead of MMC?

Then you should be able to get the extensions installed and configured properly for your site.

Just a thought.

CaballeroFAuthor Commented:
I can't
A message pops up saying that there's a newer version of them installed, and that i have to administrate them from MMC.
YUK!  Must be the FP2K extensions.  Unfortunately, I haven't installed those on my server.

How about uninstalling them from MMC and then reinstalling?

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CaballeroFAuthor Commented:
I tried. But no results.

I'll expose my little problem. Perhaps i'm taking the wrong way to solve this.

I made a discussion web wizard from FP2K.
When i execute it from the WEB and try to publish a comment, a page says something like that (i have the spanish version of Office 2000):
"Runtime Component.......... This form will funtion correctly if you publish this article in a web server that has
the Web Server Extensions installed."

Any other comment or answer ??
Not off the top of my head, but, if I have a couple of mins <G>, I will try creating one and see where it takes me.

I just got fp2k but haven't had much time to play with it.  I HAVE wasted some time messing with extension problems already.  I'm curious if you have documents and/or fp folders in the root level of the web on your web server?  I.e. is there anything displayed in MMC under your server besides "subweb" folders and "vdir" folders?
I was using a disk based web server and wanted to install the front page extensions to create a server based web server and received the same error. I deleted all my files/folders under the c:/inetpub/wwwroot folder and was then able to add the frontpage extensions from the MMC console. I also checked in Personal Web Server to ensure the path of the virtual directory mappings was correct. You would then need to republish your web from the frontpage client.
CaballeroFAuthor Commented:

1) I do not have any files under c:\inetpub\wwwroot folder.

2) I have already installed the frontpage extensions.

What i can't do, is to apply them.
I go to default web site and click on TASKS.
I complete the wizard, and when i click finish, it says :
"The document root of the web server where you're trying to install the servers extensions already contains a disk-based web."

Another comment/answer ??

I have had the same problem before..this is how I fixed it...
....rebuild your website on a different IP..publish your web..including subwebs to that new IP with pre-configured server extensions...

works like a champ...

more detail if that wasn't clear enough..
Do this:
in NT explorer, create a InetPub or it whatever you will remember it will be your new SERVER-based web...
In MMC...right-click select your Default Web..NEW....WEB...Go through this wizard, type in an IP address like ..or similar that you will the folder you just created, and selecting Allow Scripts to be run(not executables)...Allow Anonymous access...
NOW...right-click that new website in MMC and select TASKS...Configure server extensions...proceed through this can do mail later...
Now, in MMC...right-click that new web, and START...
now open Open the bottom field...type in that new IP you set-up like:
THIS is a server-based web...
henceforth, you should open your website like this if you want to be able to work with your discussion forum...and other extension utilizing features...



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CaballeroFAuthor Commented:

You don't know how i appreciatte your comment !!!

I've been working around and around and i didn't find any solutions !!!

But your answer resolved my problem !!!

Thanks for all and we'll keep in touch !!!

Fernando Caballero
just re-reading my comment and see where you may have a problem...
I didn't mention that you should also after creating the new IP back up the web you were working with (C:\whatever)...and PUBLISH it to the new IP address...
after that, you ONLY want to open the new IP server-based web (
you may want to delete the old one after you have successfully published it to the new IP...just to be sure you don't accidentally spend a lot of time editing the WRONG website... ;>).. this is experience talking...

CaballeroFAuthor Commented:
Fortunately i assumed that, and i did it like you recently explained.
I made my Default Web Site --> Home Directory the new created, and deleted the "temporary" one.

Thank's again.!
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