Modem and sound card problems

Here is my system:
AMD 266 mhz.
32 mb RAM
Internal Compac presario 56k-DF modem on com 2
ES 1869 sound card.
How do I get linux to recognise my modem and sound card?
I have tried kppp and it says it is unavailable and mincom says that I'm already on line. I have it set to cua1.
Also, the sound card does not work. I tried playing a cd through X and it would not let me.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I know this is general, but here's some links:

Also, make sure your Modem isn't a WinModem.
Maybe a fast solution for the soundcards is running soundcfg from the shell prompt.

"Internal Compac presario 56k-DF modem on com 2" is a rockwell based HFC modem, it is not supported by linux.

See for details (list is just as valid for any linux distribution)

"ES 1869" is _partially_ supported by linux. Serp_mage is right in that sndconfig (NOT soundcfg) might config the card. But depending on if it is a type-1 type-2 or type-3 (and there is no way to tell without trying :) ) you might have to use OSS ( ) which is commercial, but has full support for the 1869.

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Fixed the -1 problem on this question.
Escrow points corrected.

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