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The notebook (NT 4.0 SP5, no CD-ROM) I am forced to use right now has Internet Explorer 4.01, but no e-mail client whatsoever. I want/need to install Outlook Express 5.0, no time to tackle a new package. Thought it to be a no-brainer to find it on the net, being freeware. Did not find the URL yet, neither in the Microsoft Download Center, nor in the Knowledge & Support Base, nor using , (and the search in E-E returns a blank page...). I Am I blind or "what gives" ?

PS: The only way I figured out by now is using Windows Live Update. This did not finish properly at home, and now, abroad, I do not want to risk to sink my notebook.

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PasciConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Cri,
I found it here:

pick win95/98 and choose your region, you'll find it under the email downloads.

Good luck!!
criAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot.

PS: TUCOWS ? Seems to be a herd... Hope the affiliations are in sync...
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