JDBC installation -please help

I have just started installing msql and I want to access it using JDBC.
I have tried to connect but I got class not found error and according to http://www.imaginary.com/Java/mSQL-JDBC/FAQ.html#install
it is a CLASSPATH problem. Can somebody help me with the installation before I get fed up and forget it.

What I have done is:
-download msql-JDBC from imaginary and put it under jdk1.1/lib
-the CLASSPATH, I am not really sure cause the above site uses unix
which I am not familiar with.

This is my CLASSPATH now

Are there anything else needed ? or any mistakes ?

after compiling the and then run the test code in the above site and get  
"can't find class Select" error

I appreciate any help.

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I will assume u are working on windows

try changng the classpath to


NOTE the ';' instead of ':' used.
jean11Author Commented:
Yes I am working under windows 98 and NT.
How do you set the classpath in NT please.
go to 'My Computer' on your desktop and right click on it.
select 'Properties'.

there should be a Environments tab.
click on it.

add your classpath.

alternatively, go to DOS prompt and type
set CLASSPATH=c:\jdk1.1.8\lib\msql-jdbc-1.zip;c:\jdk1.1.8\lib\classes.zip

if setting classpath still fails, see whether u have a 'ext' directory
in c:\jdk1.1.8\lib and copy the 2 zip files into that directory.

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jean11Author Commented:
Ok I managed to set the classpath in the NT machine and set the classpath in the 98 one but I still gert the same error:
can't find class
jean11Author Commented:
>if setting classpath still fails, see whether u >have a 'ext' directory  in c:\jdk1.1.8\lib and copy >the 2 zip files into that directory.

Yes they are there both the
mSQL-JDBC-1.zip  and classes.zip under c:\jdk1.1.8\lib
"can't find class Select" error

I assume u have a Select.java
u need to include the path to Select.java in the classpath as well.
eg. if Select.java is in c:\projects then include
c:\projects in classpath

jean11Author Commented:
>I assume u have a Select.java
Of course I have the test program as mentioned in

and run it as described in the same site
java Select jdbc:msql://localhost:1114/test

test: the database name.

but nothing happend. Even if the database server is not running it does the same thing. It executes
and return to the C:\  prompt as follows:

C:\java Select jdbc:msql://localhost:1114/test

Is that correct  ?

and what's wrong ?

Thanks alot.
I downloaded the file and looked at it from WinZip. You need to:

(1) extract the zip file;
(2) put the jar file(s) in your classpath;
(3) compile select.java. The source code select.java does not reference a java package, however the file is located in a subdirectory called examples. I believe that's why you can't find it. Make sure the directory where select.class ends up is in your classpath.
(4) I didn't read the section on database setup carefully, but it looks like you need to run an sql script to get access to the tables.

BTW - ':' is used to concatenate the string of Unix class paths, ';' is used for Windows environment.

Good luck!


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For (3) - select.class is in examples.jar. So add that archive to your classpath as well. Don't worry about recompiling select.java.
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