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I tried to replace a 33k win modem with a 56k modem. it seems like the win modem is not completely uninstalled. I have the jumpers on the 56k (zoomvoivce/faxmodem) installed for plug and play and com2. the pc keeps coming back that it's putting the modem on com3. I can't get any communication with the 56k modem. It also looks like the win modem driver is in use evev though i removed it in the device manager.
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Is there an entry for win modem in add/remove programs?
1st, lets get the new modem set for com1.  this is where most internal modems like to be.

then, reboot, remove it from device manager but don't restart.  Get your 98 CD ( hoping this is 98 but might hold true on 95 ) and browse to:

damnit, I can't find it right now!!! there's a utility that will remove ALL the modem entries from the registry which is the problem you are having.  I will have to get it for you when I get home in a little over an hour.  If some one beats me to it, so be it.  

Anyway, after you do this, then reboot the computer and let it redetect the modem and install the proper drivers.

Do me a favor and comment here in about half an hour so I can have a link when I get home.

Go to Device manager and click the + sign next to modems. Remove any entry there. Then go into setup and disable COM2. See what that does for you
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OK, got it,

set up the modem for com1, reboot and remove it from device manager but do not restart.

on the 98 cd, go to


where z is your cd-rom

run winregdel.exe

reboot and let windows detect the modem and install the proper drivers
95 has no such utility, but there should be a control panel applet for a Winmodem or TI modem some such similar verbiage. Execute it and you will see an option to 'clean up' the deleted drivers.

If it isn't there, look on the driver disk that originally shipped with the winmodem.
Your motherboard probably has its own COM1 and COM2 ports, and those ports are "enabled".

Thus, Windows will automatically find 'COM3' as the first "available" port.

So, remove the COM2 and COM3 ports, and remove the modem, from the "Device Manager" screen.

Then, shutdown, and reboot, enter BIOS-setup, and "disable" the COM2 port.

Exit from BIOS-setup, and let Windows reboot, and let it "find new hardware", namely the modem, and it will assign 'COM2'.
Remove the old one through Settings->Control Panel->System and select Device Manager tab. If it is already removed, then add it once more and remove it. While removing it'll ask whether to remove the files which were in use by the modem.  Give YES.  Delete the COM existing.

Then check if any .inf files associated with the old modem is present in the C:\Windows\Inf\Other directory.  If it is there, then delete them also.  Restart the computer. If Windows detects the modem, then let it do automatically otherwise add the new Modem manually. Try with Standard Modem. Then add the modem driver.

If there is any jumper setting in the new modem configure it as COM3 or COM4 if U are using any Serial device like mouse, etc.  If both serial ports are free, Configure the modem in COM1 or COM2.

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> If both serial ports are free, configure the modem in COM1 or COM2.

If you do, be sure to "disable" the COM1 or COM2 which are integrated into the motherboard, so that the modem can gain access to COM1 or COM2.
<I have the jumpers on the 56k>
<If there is any jumper setting in the new modem>
Reads well too
Sorry! No jumpers available in the modem.
toad22Author Commented:
very helpful
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