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DES encryption command-line tool

Looking for a unix command-line util that will allow me to pass it a key and an arbitrary string and will give back the DES-CBC encrypted version of that string.  It has to be able to run on either Digital Unix 4.0D (preferably) or Solaris 7.  (I'm not averse to purchasing a commercial product if one exists.)  Any ideas?
1 Solution
If you want to encrypt your data I suggest you to look at PGP.

www.pgpi.org  (international)
or www.pgp.com 
icrewAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, I'm encrypting stuff to be sent to another system that requires DES--I don't have any choice in the matter.  (which is making my life very difficult at the moment).
Openssl claims to be able to encrypt using des-cbc (DES). My reading of the source indicates that the encryption command would be:

>openssl des -e -k a-key -in inp -out oup

Plain text input data is in "inp" and the encrypted result goes in "oup". The result obtained abve can be decrypted and the string recovered to the file "res" with:

>openssl des -d -k a-key -in oup -out res

As far as I can tell right not it looks like the data has to be in files, not on the command line or read /written to stdin/stdout. That's not to difficult to arrainge, a trivial perl wrapper could do it.

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