@Explode function

I have 2 sets of Date fields(datFrom, datTo, datFrom1, datTo1) in a form. My user can enter any dates into the 1st set of fields, or 2nd set of fields, or both.
For example:
they can enter "28/10/99" in datFrom field, and "30/10/99" in datTo field, then they also enter again "02/11/99" in datFrom1 field, and "04/11/99" in datTo1 field.

So I have a view to show all the dates that my user entered. However, in my view I have only 1 date From column and 1 date To column. How am I showing 2 sets of date fields in the same date From & date To columns?

I have the following formula in the date From column:
DateList := @Explode(@Text(datFrom) + "-" + @Text(datTo): @Text(datFrom1) + "-" + @Text(datTo1));
@TextToTime(@Text(DateList) + " 08:30 A.M.")

And currently I put the following formula in the date To column, which I think it may caused the inaccuracy:
@If(@Text(datTo1) = ""; datTo; datTo1)

However, the view doesn't show the dates correctly.
Could someone help me? It's quite urgent..... pls help.....
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I assume that you need to show two datelist values matched up by Columns,,, If that is so then

Use datFrom:datFrom1 in DateFrom Column, datTo:datTo1 in DateTo Column. Don't set any sort options for this columns, but use newline as Multi value seperator. And set Lines per row to 2 and Check shrink rows to content...

Good Luck
kspueaAuthor Commented:
Sorry, forgot to mention.
My view is a calendar view. That's why I need to use @Explode so that every date of the date lists will be shown in the view.
I don't understand the need for @Explode here... basically, the two expressions below return the same thing, for two text values 'value1' and 'value2' --

@Explode(value1 + "~" + value2; "~");


value1 : value2

Having not done a calendar view, I suspect these would work (I hope):

column 1
@Trim(@Text(datFrom) : @Trim(@Text(datFrom1)));

column 2
@If(datFrom != NULL; @Text(datTo); NULL) : @If(datFrom1 != NULL; @Text(datTo1); NULL)

This should keep things lined up nicely.  @Trim removes empty values from the list.  And the second column follows suit of the first for empties.
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Whoops -- get rid of the second @Trim for column 1, above.  The parentheses knew what I meant :-)

Also, add a @Trim(  ) around all of column 2's formula...
in my opinion, you should do the calculation on the form, put the list of dates in a multi-valued field and then use that field with the option -"Show multiple values as separate entries."  It has been my experience that this is the best way to work with calendar views.

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kspueaAuthor Commented:
I tried a lot of formulae but none of them works. I think melbor1's idea is a better solution.

Anyway, thanks everybody.
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