Windows95 and USB

Can one use a USB port and Windows95.
I just got a turbotax trackball that states to use the USB port one must use Windows98. Same info with another program I tried to run recently.
My computer has a USB driver listed, but what does Win98 have that Win95 doesn't?
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You need to download from microsft the "Windows 95 USB suppliment".

I'll look for the url but we have a local copy on our server a work so the location escapes me.
You can find it by going to Microsoft's site and do a search.
But I think you will find that the USB is not all that great with Win95, you really need Win98 to get full support for the USB ports.
Check this site to learn more about USB, you may have to join but you may find what you are looking for.
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To get USB in windows 95, you need to do two things:
1) Make sure you're running OSR2 (Win95 4.00.950B (4.00.1111))
2) Install the USB Suppliment i mentioned before.  I'm still searching for the suppliment, but if you don't currently have OSR2 then It won't work.
However, since you said you already have the usb driver listed, allow me to answer your question instead of telling you what you already know (Sorry, I misread the question and thought you were asking where to find the driver)...

Win95 usb support is flakey since its an "add on" suppliment and not integrated with the OS.  The 98 usb drivers are later versions basically, and more work was put into them.  The 95 supplimental support was basically written so micosoft could say 95 had usb support to please the vendors.  No other real reason.  Basically, if you want to know whether or not USB will work for the mouse you have, try it.  If it works, it works.  If it doesn't, it doesn't.  We were trying to use a usb keyboard back with 95 and were told this after calling microsoft finally.  Microsoft's offical answer was "Its not supported in 95, upgrade to 98 if usb is an important issue"

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I'm not so sure I agree with you Ed, and BTW, was that answer fair?

Remislad, how old is you machine, and does it have an on-board USB port or off-board add-on port?

Also, the drivers that came with that trackball may be ported to Windows 98 rather than Windows 95, therefore it wouldn't matter what you tried.

Tell us about the system before we go too much further.

The answer is quite fair.  He stated that he has the usb driver listed on his system, so he's got to be using osr2 with the usb suppliment.  As such, the answer is what I was told by microsoft and was the exact findings we had doing the same thing.
remisladAuthor Commented:
One computer is Win95 4.00.950A and so won't work (Gateway). The HP Brio is Win95 4.00.950C, so should be able to use the supplement.
At this point, think I will wait until MS makes Win2000 upgrades available and install that on both computers. Meanwhile, will use serial port for new trackball.

Glad to help.  Sorry that the solution had to be that it can't be done.  Unless the two pc's are fast with lots of ram, i'd reccomend win98 over win2k.  I've used win2k rc2 and it was't exactly a streamlined app (Yes, i know betas have debug code but still) and from what i hear, rc3's not much better.  Win98 has great usb support unless its Gates trying to install a usb scanner in front of the whole world, in that case, the usb crashes.
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