Send Email Using Socket Programming

I need some help on how to send the rich text from rich edit box using Visual C++ 6.0. (send the rich text directly not send as attach file)

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Your subject says you want to send e-mail using sockets.  Does this mean you want to send e-mail or does this mean you want to send data between processes using sockets?

If you just want to send e-mail (regardless of the transport) then you should look at the SMTP resources on Code Guru ( - search for SMTP).

If you just want to send data between processes then you should adopt a different approach...

1. If the two processes are windows programs on the same machine then the easiest approach is to use the WM_COPYDATA message.

2. If the two processes aren't windows programs but they are on the same machine then you could use pipes or shared memory.

3. But if the processes are (or could possibly end up) on different machines then sockets are your answer.  Again for heaps of examples and discussions go to CodeGuru.
Add name file
Since you want to send the Edit box contents as a mail over sockets:

You should know more about the SMTP protocol. For this visit

Then may be a bit of MIME headers you should know, which will assist you in making the header.

Once you know SMTP and mime headers then you will know, in what format you have to send the content of the edit box or a file or what ever it is, using sockets.

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