Loading PS5 faster *WILL RAISE POINTS TO 50*

Hi there,
My Photoshop 5 takes awhile to load.  I remember reading something about this and speeding it up but I don't remember where I saw this.  I know there is a way of speeding up Photoshop but how?

Thanks to all of you that help!!

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ullaspaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You can go to file - preferences & then choose Plug-ins & scratch disks. Here you are presented with a menu for scratch disks. choose your second, third & fourth disks as your hard drive & it's partitions. Take care not to touch the first!

This should considerably speed up your access time for PS5 & even smoothen the running of it. You also avoid messages like your scratch disks are full by doing this.

Hope this helps you,


Ullas P.A.
It never hurts to eliminate some of the plugins and such that you dont need. Many people load photoshop up with all sorts of wacky filters like EyeCandy and KPT and the list gets longer and longer. This of course means photoshop has to load them all at startup which takes time.
drago97Author Commented:
I guess you can do that but I remember reading about the RAM usage in File>>Perefences that speeds it up. Any more suggestions?
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In the Preferences, try setting the ram to about 65% of what your ram is. Keep in mind that Photoshop runs much better on at least128 megs of ram. Also keep in mind that you should have 3x the ram as the size of the picture your working on. For example, if you are working on a 60 meg file, Photoshop works best with at least 180 meg of ram to mess with.  
drago97Author Commented:
Adjusted points to 50
drago97Author Commented:
Scratch disks wont really speed anything up. Theyll just allow you to open larger files. In fact usually (unless youre using a REALLY fast drive for a scratch disk) scratch disks will slow you down. This is the reason most hardcore photoshop people will use Ultra 2 Raid drives arrays or allocate a huge ram disk as a scratch disk. Otherwise its certainly not going to speed things up.
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