Win 98 start problem

Occasionally onn starting Win 98 I get the message;

Cannot load. Windows\system\vmm32.vxd missing or damaged.

I restart using option 1. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 attempts. I have reinstalled Win 98 without solving this problem.
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foulcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think this problem is cause by that you didnt insert your CD-Rom during your first setup, OR , your computer
cant detect your CD-Rom in the second part of setup of Win98.
To solve this problem , you can extract VMM32.dll in the cab in win98 folder on the installation media. But in difference version , there are different file allocation, so that you have to find all .cab file to find the dll file you want. That is just a way to solve the problem , but I'm not recommend you to restore this file by yourself. You better reinstall Win98, that will be much easier.
Did you reinstall from scratch?
Have you installed any new components recently?

Look at following article with relatively simple fixes in the system.ini file.

Hope this helpsn

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Foulc you ar enew to experts exchange, please review the proper times to answer a question and whjen to comment.  Your's is not an answer it is a comment, a recommendation and it is incorrect as well.  You answer will only get a rejection and lock the question so jim can't get more recomendations. please be more conciderate of people.

Now onto the problem.....
Go to start ->run -> sfc
Have your windows98 disk ready because you will be promted forit. Run the test and replace all the files it says are corrupt.

If that doesn't help then run sysedit, and pull any referance to vmm32.vxd

as a note: vmm32.vxd is your virtual memory manager, and it is a Virtual eXtended Driver.  

The sfc should get it.

Hope this helps
As Always
Mr Happy
please forgive my typing I broke my wrist a few days ago and am still getting used to typing like this.

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