Best way to give access to our partners on a discussion over the web

We will be working on a project that involves several partner companies. I created a Discussion Database replicate it on a server with HTTP running. On our site we will be using lotus notes client on this database.  We want our partners to participate through the web on this discussion.  Basically domino server ask for a username and password before any ony can post messages. I know I can give access to them by adding entries to the PNB but I don't want to ruin the PNB. Can Use another Name and address book?
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ArunkumarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi reden,

You can opt to use multiple NABs.
This uses a Master addressbook that points to the secondary nab.  Domino searches the MAB for the secondary addressbook entry and looks into that secondary NAB for details.  

The secondary nab need not be identical to the main NAB.  You can prevent this by selective replication with the main NAB. Also the secondary NAB can have persons that are specific to that server.

Checkout for the MAB concepts and configuration in the domino administration HELP for more details.

This is the only solution I can think of right now.

Good Luck !

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