Dependency Files

I have just completed a project and now ready for deployment.
May I know the dependency files that needs to be included in the InstallShield when I do the procedural setup files?
I only included the 4 dll files,
When I install in a old PC (namely) a PC frequently used for programming and Office97 use, it works perfectly. But when I tried to install it on a brand new PC, it gives me lots of annoying messages and also illegal operations.
Please help. I have used the Dependency Tools to look for the dependency files, but that doesn't work.
Could it be due to the Data Access thing?
Please advise.
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 Why dont you include these files in the Install Sheild Setup itself as Shared Dlls???? Or have you done it already????

The files you are shipping are debug versions of the DLLs.  A new machine, without VC++ (or other programming environment) is not likely to have all the correct DLLs installed for running debug code.

So, you probably have a couple of choices:  build a release version of the software and try installing that, or install debug DLLs on the host machine, which is probably most easily done by installing the development environment.
First of all, it depends on what your project is using... If you use a direcX there, you have to install dx dlls as well.

But for simple application, those 2 files are needed:

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Seems that you are using DAO classes. For that you need to install the jet database engine files.

There is an article in MSDN about redistribution of files. Please go through it. You will be able to determine which DLLs you need to include in your distributable disk.

Is it possible for you to post the error messages you are getting? It would be helpful for us to give you a better solution.

cheeonnAuthor Commented:
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cheeonnAuthor Commented:
Thank you for all your overwhelming response. I am grateful.

About the error messages, basically it is all Illegal Operations messages and it stopped at kernel32.dll.

By the way, installing VC++ in the client machine is not a good choice right? I have actually done that, but it still doesn't work out well. The same illegal operation occur - kernel32.dll.

Yes, I am using DAO. I will try to install only the MDAC in the new machine and try running my application. Hope that will work.

Another thing, why is my debug dll(Shared dll in InstallShield) always corrupts my dll in the Windows/Systems folder? I don't understand why this happens. I usually need to re-copy the 4 debug dll's back to my Windows/System directory before I can re-compile my InstallShield program.

Please clarify. Thank you.

 With all the questions pending why did you accept the answer???????

cheeonnAuthor Commented:
I am grateful to all those who have offered help. Just a note of appreciation...

So do you have any more answer for me?
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