shutdown.exe does not work

When I use the shutdown.exe utility to shutdown an NT4 SP4 server remotely, I get the message "Initiate System Shutdown Failed"

I have this problem on three compaq servers. Our other servers do accept the shutdown !

The syntax I use is
shutdown \\<ipaddress> /Y /C

Any suggestions ?
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morguiConnect With a Mentor Commented:

When you try to access a remote machine (with dir, pulist, shutdown, etc...) you must first be authentificated on the remote machine.
Maybe that's your problem: the shutdown fails on these machines because you're not authentificated on them.
If that's the case, try to connect a resouce from that machine (p.e. \\<ipaddress>\C$) with their local administrator account.

Tell me if it works or not.
I suppose you've got administrator privileges.

Which account do you use?
Is this account defined on all the other machines?
Has this account the same password in all that machines?
globalmediaconceptAuthor Commented:
On all machines are logged in with the administrator account.

All administrator accounts on the machines have different passwords.

All machines are stand-alone servers and they are all in the same workgroup.
globalmediaconceptAuthor Commented:
OK This works !

But I still wonder why my other servers do accept the shutdown although I'm not logged in...

To shutdown those computers, you must be authentificated on them...
I suppose that, somehow, you're authentificated on them... maybe there's some resorced connected, maybe the password is the same, etc...
You can never be sure about what is happening in you Windows!!

See you soon :)
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