Simple treeview question

I have built a treeview with several nodes.......however.

I now want to assign separate events to each of the nodes, I have already coded the actual events but how do you declare an individual node as a sub procedure.


Within the treeview one of my nodes  looks like this....

Set nodX = TreeView1.Nodes.Add("r", tvwChild, "c1", "Load")

So, how do I assign a NodeClick event to this individual node


Private Sub............................................................


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You don't, you use the NodeClick event and check the value of the Node parameter. You can use something like this

Select Case Node.Key
Case "c1"
  'Put code that is to happen when the user press the node with key c1 here
  'or you could call a procedure if you want to make it easier to read
Case somethingelse
Case somethingelse
End Select

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You cannot assign a seperate event to each Node. You have to use the events provided.

You could probably subclass the treeview , but then its no longer a "Simple Treeview Question"

The NodeClick event passes a reference to the Node that was clicked so use a
Select Case, to handle the different nodes.

Use the Tag property to hold an extra id data, remember in the Common Controls that come with VB6 can have objects in the Tag property.

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