SCSI-driver and cdda rippng (cdda2wav)

When I want to grab my audio-CD's into wav files with cdda2wav, I get an error;
'your drive and/or driver does not support cdda'

I have a TEAC 532S (SCSI) CDROM
and an adaptec 2940 SCSI controller.

I have read that the SCSI driver does not support CDDA. atleast not standard installed.
How can I add cdda into SCSI driver, or what do I need to change??
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freesourceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are using an older version of cdda2wav this may be true.  But, since the 1.0 versions of cdda2wav, cdda2wav is no longer a standalone program, but it has been incorporated in cdrecord.  I have version 1.8a40r3, and all  of your hardware is supported in this version.  So get cdrecord at:

...and tell me if your problems go away.  Note:  Your error looks like something which would occur in older versions of cdda2wav.
toneusAuthor Commented:
Sometimes the answers are quit simple,...IF you know where to look. especially when you start a new "project".
I indeed have an older version (0.95).
I guess it must be the reason.

Your welcome, glad I could help you solve your problem.
toneusAuthor Commented:
Yes It worked!
I donwloaded the cdda2wav/cdrecord package.
For my SCSI-CDROM I had to find my SCSI-dEVICE:

instead of using "cdda2wav -D /dev/scd0" I need to use cdda2wav -D 0,3,0"

I found the argument 0,3,0 by using scanbus or something (cdda2wav will tell you if you start it from the prompt). It is a package included in cdrecord.

I also had to change the mods for /dev/sgx into chmod 777 /dev/sgx (where x is a nymber 1 to 7)
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