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I've made an ActiveX type library for use with ASP. Theres not much code in it, but the size is very large (340K). How do I decrease the size? Disabling debugging doesnt help at all.

The main reason I want to decrease the size, is that the object is apartment threaded (and need to be). Im pretty sure this means that each instance will be a copy of the object. If this means copying all (or most) of the 340K each time, I would really like to cut down on the size, to gain performance on the webserver.

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I don't understand your reasons of thinking that each instance will have 340k size. All code is shared with copy-on-write attribute, and i don't see how apartment model will change this. All data is duplicated, of course.

For the first question, I cannot give you a straightforward solution (perhaps nobody can). 200-300 kb is usual Delphi overhead due to using components. You may try not to use TForm and TControls but then there's no point of using Delphi - you may write a much more compact code with Visual C++.

Of course, you may exclude all packages from your binary file, and it will weigh 30-40K afterwards, but you'll have to install packages separately on each computer to run your code.

If my comment answers your question, please make it an answer ;)

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pedeAuthor Commented:
>All code is shared with copy-on-write attribute

Really? Never heard of that, thats why I asked the question; to get some more information.

This is not a visual component. Delphi is used because its much easier to work with.

I suppose you have answered my question, if there is no more to it than that.

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