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My name is Johan Wendel and Im a "hobby" 3d artist. I have this problem when Im to texture the face of a low polygon character in max r3. when I apply the texture it gets all screwed up. I have recently understood that this is because the face texture isn't stretched out so that it can fit around the mesh. My question is, how do I stretch out the face texture??? Is there any special program for it ??? Otherwise. How am I supposed to do it???
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bgillbanksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok... The texture you are using is all stretched and distorted yeah?

If you use a plugin called texporter you should be able to sort out the problems you are having.

Texporter unwraps the UVW co-ordinates of the mesh to an image. This lets you see where parts of the mesh are and then paint on the texture accordingly.

This is the address of the texporter page, and it has a full tutorial on how to use it as well.


Hope that helps.
you mean screwed up as?  and the texture file you are using, is it an image used as texture, or sort of material infos (with all the bump info, specularity, glossiness, basically a material)?
if it's material infos, well you shouldn't have the problem you say you are having, but if it's image, you are in big trouble.
one thing you can do is to tweak the image (assuming you are using image file)
another thing (more pain in the ass) is tweaking your mesh.
I hope this give you some insight
so it's an image file, hehehe if you are using maya, this would be easy
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