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I am interested in displaying the appearance of a user selection, i.e. the selection outline/border, using "marching ants" - similar to how selections are shown in Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro.  How does one do this? Is there a pen/line style within MFC that I can choose that will do this for me or is this custom work?  If it is custom work, has anyone done it before that could explain how to do it?

Thanks in advance.
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at first you must catch cursor if mouse button pressed. Call SetCapture() on wm_lbuttondown
for mouse moving hook. and draw the selection border ( after every wm_mousemonve message ) and call ReleaseCapture for wm_lbuttonup.
that way?

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guinessAuthor Commented:
Not really.  What I am interested in is the visual effect of a dashed border moving/marching around the resulting bounding area of a selection AFTER the selection has already been made (not while the mouse is being dragged during the selection process).  If a selection consisted of multiple noncontiguous regions, all of the regions would have moving dashed borders.

i remeber codeguru have sample class for pring dashed lines.
you can paint lines by self , this is very simple
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