Somehow while I was sleeping, all the individual "parts" of my VB6 development screen became detached from their nice neat "docked" positions, and float around.  I'm going nuts with Tools > Options > Advanced > MDI/SDI, and I cannot get them to behave.  Please give me a step-by-step to restore my nice neat setup appearance.

I had the "common" setup, with the toolbox on the left, the project "tree" on the upper right, and the properties on the lower right.  The window showing code or the objects was large, and occupied the center of the screen.

Please help me with this stupid problem -- Norm
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Just drag the floating windows over to the edge of the main window and they will dock where you drag them. Fiddle around and you will see what I mean.


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npnpAuthor Commented:
But they don't!  Somehow, I have to tell them to behave.  How?  Please help. -- Norm
Under the Tools -> Options window, make sure these settings are in effect.

Under the Docking tab, make sure all the boxes are checked.

Under the Advanced tab, make sure SDI Development Enviroment is not checked.

After that is done, close all of the floating windows and then close VB.

Start VB back up, maximize the main VB window.

Hit the View -> Properties Window.

If it is not docked when it is open, drag it to the right side of the screen and look for the drag outline to change. When it changes, release and it should dock.

It it doesn't dock then I am at a loss.
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npnpAuthor Commented:
OK. I followed your instructions. They all dock, but are one above the other.  They used to be "side by side".  Under menu Window, clicking on "tile vertically" or "horizontally" has no effect.  I really appreciate your help.  I think we are close.  I wish I had more points to give you. -- Norm
Right on, glad they are at least docking now.

You can arrange them how you like. Getting them side by side is simply a matter of fiddling with draging them around. You should open them one at a time and place them where you want them. Unfortunately, that's all I can tell you since it's impossible for me to show you from here.

Good luck!

npnpAuthor Commented:
Gogman: I had to get some real work done, and put off fiddling with this until now, Sunday evening.

So far I have this:  Following your instructions, then opening VB, I find the tool window nicely docked where it should be, vertically against the left edge.  

View>Project Explorer Window, it opens, and is docked horizontally (full width) against the top.  I can drag it over to the right, but it snaps back to its horizontal configuration docked to the top.  

View>Properties Window, it opens, and is also horizontal (full width), and docked to the bottom of the Explorer Window, like it should be.  I find that now I can move them both over to the right, where they stay docked to each other, and assume a smaller size, but when I move them to where they used to live (vertically, and docked to the right hand edge, they snap to the full width - top docked - configuration.

Menu: Window>Tile H or Tile V or Cascade has no effect.  Please, some further guidance. -- Norm
npnpAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help.  If you have further to say on this matter, I would be glad to hear it. -- Norm
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