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display problem

i am looking for code that will allow me to display the output of my 8051's serial port on a pc's (windows 95)monitor.
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I'm assuming that you're referring to the 8051 microcontroller. If so, this should be pretty simple. Isn't this just hooked up to a serial interface, i.e. the MAX-232 which takes your 0-5 and converts to the 232 spec? If so, I would have expected that you could hook it up to a terminal emulator, set the baud/parity correctly and watch the output. Windows comes with hyperterminal which should serve your purposes.

Not really confident enough to call this an answer without more detail.


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I can try answering it based on the following information, if supplyed by u,
1)Specify the hardware interface designed between 8051 and pc.  
2)How often does the kit give serial output.
3)What is the language u are using to do the interfacing program.
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