Run Time Version of Access 97

I would like to use the run-time version of Access 97 for my vb 6 app to allow the user to preview/print Access reports.  I am not sure where to find this version (Mso97rt.dll???), as well as the files it requires for app distribution.  Additionally, would you have any sample code that simply displays a preexisting report in this run time version?

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zacharConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. I can upload to you Access 97 run-time version setup program - send me your ftp or e-mail.
2. This is sample code to open report from VB:

Dim Acc As Object
Set Acc = CreateObject("Access.Application")
Acc.application.OpenCurrentDatabase "c:\temp\db1.mdb"
Acc.application.DoCmd.OpenReport "Report1", acPreview

Good luck,
Unfortuneatly I think you will have to get hold of the ode to get the runtime version whcihc means purchasing office developers edition.
dfhainesAuthor Commented:

I have the Developers Edition, which has the run-time version...though I am not sure how to access it from within VB.  Namely, I am looking to open a report in the run-time version for preview/print purposes only.
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  Through OLE you can create an autoreport on any table and have it appear on the screen. An instance of Access opens up but you can get it to close by default. if you've already created the report in Access I believe you can just call it up from VB. Similar to the acCmdAboutMicrosoftAccess command. By Previously creating the report in the Access database, it will remain in the Database's workspace and be available for use.
well its not exactly what your looking for but go to and search the complete apps section for print
dfhainesAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your emails.
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